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    back from work Radish cavern

      back from work

    ‘What is he doing?’

    beginning on another button of my coat

    I saw Miss Murdstone lay her beads down

    insomuch that as I passed along the streets next morning, I

    indulge my fancy with pleasing images I picture myself taking

    be higher praise than that? I will come at four o’clock

    abyss of love in an instant There was no pausing on the brink; no

    Blink, luckily, a little slowly, the water pupil gently floated to the side of the man.

    peace and honour given to the winds

    David Copperfield

    At this, we all fell a-crying together I think I was the loudest of

    I am glad to recollect that when the carrier began to move, my

    strange voice, Miss Betsey shut the door again, and sat down as

    in the street, who could have taken him like a pill

    soon so overcome, that he mingled his tears with hers and mine;

    for form’s sake, when I have time? The realization of my boyish

    in some anxious moment to guard her from, and surround her

    own room a good deal And I hope she’s not a scolding old thing!’

    ‘Or if the poor child, his mother, had been alive, he would still

    my claims upon his friendship by any equal standard; above all, it

    our principal associate would be another boy whom he introduced

    thoughtfully down the hill He told me, as soon as I came up with

    Love to ring his neck, let him take her up, like the year's market, let her sit on his arm, can be seen far and high.


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