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    disposing of my money for myself, because I couldn’t trust it to

    mutton then preparing

    ‘No,’ I answered


    lay that money down afore him If I do that, and find my Em’ly, I’m

    when I took my seat there, Miss Murdstone frowned to me to go

    about her face

    ‘Davy who?’ said the gentleman ‘Jones?’

    had made me start as if I had seen him illuminated by a blaze of

    came waddling round a sofa which stood between me and it, a

    that, when he was past creeping out of bed to open it, and past

    disinterested in my love, and think I could be content to make a

    The Doctor looked grave, and said, as though he wished to

    He takes orders for us on commission, when he can get any He

    and, with his chin resting on one hand, tracked his course upon it

    morning) under my arm, wrapped in a piece of paper, like a book,

    and get themselves and other people into a variety of fixes—and

    ‘Of course you do,’ said Mr Omer ‘Well, sir! Her cousin being,

    formerly described in his nostrils coming and going with his

    infinite terror, that he was coming to speak to her herself on the

    It was Miss Murdstone who was arrived, and a gloomy-looking

    the handkerchief from her own head under my feet, lest I should


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